• Last year we helped 231 cats, 71 kittens and 176 dogs

    Last year we helped 231 cats, 71 kittens and 176 dogs

  • Our busy rescue centre has recently moved to Moorlands Head Farm

    Our busy rescue centre has recently moved to Moorlands Head Farm

  • We provide care, companionship and understanding

    We provide care, companionship and understanding

  • We rely heavily on the work of our fantastic volunteers

    We rely heavily on the work of our fantastic volunteers

Eden Animal Rescue

Eden Animal Rescue has been caring for animals since 1995.

The scale of our work is enormous; last year 231 cats, 71 kittens and 176 dogs came to us.. not to mention the many rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small domestic animals which also come our way! And our animals need you to help us be able to care for them, and find them new homes.

Our busy rescue centre has been located near Shap, Cumbria for a number of years but we have just moved to a new home near Newbiggin, Temple Sowerby. As well as welfare needs and behavioural work, we also pay veterinary bills for annual vaccinations, neutering, any treatment required and micro-chipping for the dogs. While an animal is with us we provide care, companionship and understanding and do all we can to find it a good home.

Having only a small team of employees, we rely heavily on the work of our fantastic volunteers, both in fundraising and in caring for the animals. So whether you are interested in adopting an animal or feel you would like to help out in some way, we hope our website helps you get to know us and keep in touch. If you can't find the answer to your question though, please do contact us.

Last year Eden Animal Rescue purchased Moorlands Head Farm, Newbiggin to become our new, purpose built rescue centre - and we have just moved in! Buying a property of our own was a huge moment for the charity and will allow us to greatly improve the facilities we need to care for the animals. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported and helped us over the years and made this possible. We couldn't have done it without you. We are indebited to a number of people who remembered us in their wills and without whose legacies Moorlands Head Farm would have remained a distant dream.

We are incredibly busy at the moment as we settle in to our new home. Fundraising is obviously crucial to all our efforts as is lots of volunteers! We hope you are as excited about Moorlands Head Farm as we are and can help support us through what is proving to be a very busy and exciting year!

The Eden Animal Rescue Team!

Centre Opening Times

Please note that we have amended opening times...

Our Rescue Centre is now open 6 days a week by appointment

11:30 am to 3:00 pm

(we are closed on Wednesdays for staff training – sorry!).

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We are incredibly grateful to lecturer Richard Hunter and the Level 2 forestry students from Newton Rigg College who are pictured here with our Team Leader (Animal Care), Alison Reed, and Volunteer Rob Holder (chief landscaper!). They have been amazing in helping us with a tree planting scheme at our new Rescue Centre. As well as helping with planting, we are hoping that later in the year the students will also be taking part in a competition to design a scheme of 0.5ha of trees!

The aim of the planting is to help provide as much enrichment as possible for the dogs while our staff and volunteers are working with them in the outdoor environment. It will help recreate the 'outside world' which sadly some of our dogs cannot cope with or have not seen before. We need to help them over-come their fears and give them a chance to enjoy life. We will now be able to do much more behaviour training work with the dogs to help them find their permanent new home.
The support from volunteers, the local community and Newton Rigg College is making a real difference to the animals and people at the centre.


​​Amazing Grant News!

We are absolutely delighted to have recently had two really great pieces of news.

As you may have seen in the local press, Eden Animal Rescue have received over £46,000 from Support Adoption for Pets to develop an exciting Outdoor Enrichment Area for Dogs to improve their daily lives and improve their chances of finding a forever home through better socialisation. We are very excited to be able to develop this part of our long term aspirations sooner than planned thanks to Support Adoption for Pets.

Thank you to for voting at Tesco Carlisle during November! As a result, Eden Animal Rescue have been voted to receive a grant of £10,000 to involve volunteers in landscaping an area of our new Rescue premises at Moorlands Head Farm to provide a sensory green environment to add interest and stimulation for the cats in our care.Volunteers who want to improve their health and wellbeing through using their gardening skills wanted! Please do get in touch.