the animals we care for

We have many animals, all with their own personalities and needs, but all with one hope… that they can be the next one to find their new home. Providing them with this chance is quite simply the best way we can help them.
It can be just as good for you as it is for them! That’s not to say it might not take some work (and likely a lot of patience!) as all involved adjust, but we are sure you can already imagine the rewards when everyone has settled in together.
If you think you might be able to offer one of our animals a forever home, you have already taken your first step by looking at our webpage. Your next step is to contact us. Our Rescue Centre at Moorlands Head Farm is open 6 days a week by appointment 11:30am to 3pm (we are closed on Wednesdays for staff training – sorry!). We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and if you decide to adopt an animal from us, once approved you will have a new friend for life. We may request a home visit after a few weeks.

Adoption Fees

From 1st June 2021 we ask for a minimum donation when you adopt an animal from us:
If you are thinking of homing more than one animal, please talk to our staff who will advise you. Clearly these minimum donations do not cover all our costs, so anything over and above will always be gratefully received. These donations are non-refundable.


Please contact us to ask about other dogs that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer

We would also strongly recommend taking the time to look into what it means to take on a rescue dog. David Ryan’s article makes a really good starting point… A Dozen Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Rescue Dog. We firmly believe that there is a right home for every dog and a little bit of preparation can go a very long way towards making yours the right home!
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Belle has come into the centre as a failed working dog. She has previously been kennelled outside so will need housetraining, so will need a secure garden. She is a lovely natured girl and enjoys having a fuss from people. She is easily distracted when out and about, especially around other animals so needs someone who is willing to put in some time to train her. She is not used to lots of traffic so would prefer a more rural environment.

My Name is 
rescue dog named benji

Benji has come into the centre for being aggressive towards the other dog in the house. He doesn’t like other animals so does need to be the only pet. He is also aggressive towards people that he doesn’t know and will be territorial. Benji bonds very strongly with one person and once he does bond with you he is very affectionate and sweet and loyal. Benji needs a child free home with an experienced owner, he tends to react better to women initially. If you are interested in rehoming Benji you will need to be prepared to make lots of visits to get to know him and earn his trust.

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Bracken is a proper cheeky chappie. He is just a big puppy really and has a great temperament. He’s very playful and loves his football. He needs an active home with a large garden. He has had basic training with his previous owner but will need to go with someone who will commit to continuing this. We would also prefer someone with previous experience of the breed.

My Name is 

Jack is under assessment at the moment.

jack rescue dog
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Magic is a lovely natured dog who has been handed in because of her owner moving away. She has been around children before and likes other dogs. She has an extremely high prey drive so cannot be homed with cats or other small furries and cannot be trusted around livestock, she could only be let off the lead in a secure area. 

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Marshall has found himself at the centre because he has very bad separation anxiety which can lead to behaviour problems. He is a sweet and loving boy that is looking for a home where he is not left alone.
Marshall is under assessment regarding his anxiety.

Marshall is now reserved.

My Name is 

Mitch has been with us a long time now! He is looking for an adult only home as he can be nippy when excited or feeling defensive. Mitch is a young dog and knows some commands but will definitely benefit from continued training. He is very food orientated and is quick to learn.

He is quite a nervous dog and can come across as defensive when meeting new people but this can be addressed by using positive reinforcement, once he knows you he is a fun loving pup that will give you lots of love.

He is very full-on with other dogs, on lead he can be reactive, but when introduced carefully to other non-reactive dogs he is friendly. When let off lead he can be rough as over-excited and not all dogs will tolerate the way that he plays.

rescue dog named mitch
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We do not rehome over the Christmas period, so if you would like further information please contact via email after 28th December.

My Name is 

We do not rehome over the Christmas period, so if you would like further information please contact via email after 28th December.

skye rescue dog
My Name is 

Tank is an older male. He is a big strong lad so needs an owner experienced with large breed dogs. He was very reactive towards other dogs when he first arrived, staff have done a lot of work with him and he has massively improved, he can now walk past other animals without reacting.

rescue dog named tank
My Name is 

Tilly is a 6 year old female. She was handed in because of her issues with other dogs. She is very reactive to other dogs when out on the lead. She also suffers from separation anxiety so needs a home where she won’t be left alone a lot.

rescue dog named tilly


Please contact us to ask about other cats that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer

Click on the image of any cat to take you to more information about that particular cat.

Foster Cat For Adoption


Foster cat for adoption through Eden Animal Rescue. 

Can anyone give a loving home to this gorgeous girl? Mia has had a difficult start in life living on her own, outside and now needs an understanding owner who can give her the love and attention she deserves. Due to her background she is a nervous cat and will need a lot of time, commitment and patience until she learns to trust. However once she feels relaxed she will learn to trust. Mia needs an adult only home in a village or rural area. For details contact

My Name is 

Bella came to us as a stray. She has an old injury to her back leg but it doesn’t affect her mobility much. She will need a rural environment and some kind people that have the time to spend with her and help her learn to trust as she hasn’t had much contact with people before coming to us.

My Name is 

Daisy is a timid girl but in the right home will flourish.

My Name is 

Dawn came to the centre as a stray so sadly we don’t have any history on her. She is looking for a home with someone that can give her a lot of time and patience to tame her up, because at the moment she doesn’t want to have contact with humans.

My Name is 

Dinky was handed in as a stray that was living outside on his own. Dinky is now starting to trust human contact and in a home will thrive, especially if you already have another cat. He love to be outside sunbathing and playing so will be looking for a home with safe outside space.

My Name is 

Eddie arrived at the centre after being rescued along with her kittens, where they had been living in the bushes on a camp site. Eddies kittens were only about a week old when they came to the centre and Eddie seemed to be please for the warmth and food that she was given to help her keep strong to be able to take care of her babies. Her babies are now all in their new home and Eddie is now needing a chance to have a home that she can call her own.

My Name is 

Fanta is a timid cat that loves to play and have the attention that she deserves after being a stray.

Our names are 
Gloria & Gusto

This lovely pair are in a foster home at the moment while they wait to find their forever home. They are playful and love lots off attention and fuss. The photo really don’t to them justice as to how stunning they really are. Gloria and Gusto will make great family pet as they are well socialised. For more information please email admin@edenanimalrescue

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My Name is 

Java has always lived outside. We do think that he will make friends with people but it will take a bit of time for him to come round.

My Name is 

Joseph came to the centre after being rescued and taken to a local vets. Sadly he was not microchipped and had a few wounds from fighting with other cats because he was not castrated. Joseph is now looking for a home where he can get the love and care that he needs.

My Name is 
My Name is 

Mitzi came to us as a stray. She is only young and has a rough start but is now hoping to find her forever home.

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Noel is at the centre after he had been living in a greenhouse because he didn’t have a home of his own. Noel is a friendly boy that will need someone with plenty of time to be able to keep his gorgeous long coat in fabulous condition.

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Norris came to the centre as a stray cat that has been feeding on bird feed to survive. Since Norris has been at the centre, he is showing signs that he wants to start to trust humans and when he finds a home he will be able to do this. He loves his food and that will be a great tool for someone with time and patience to use to win him around. Norris is a stunning cat as you can see from the photo, if you feel you could offer him the correct home then please contact the centre by email.

My Name is 

We are Advertising Onyx to try and help him find a new home soon, for another rescue charity.

Onyx has been with us for 7 months now with no interest in him. He is a very loving boy he just needs someone who is willing to give him time to settle in. He’s a rather complex cat as he only likes attention on his own terms but likes to try and push boundaries by being very boisterous. He needs an owner who isn’t afraid to treat him like a naughty child that needs telling no. he is very playful and loves to chase toys and laser pens, he gets uncomfortable with change and this is when we tend to see him lash out. 

We have seen him at his best and his worse and as he has gotten more comfortable in the cattery he has been a lovely boy to spend time with, he likes his tummy ticked but isn’t too keen on his toes being tickled! He has become a part of the family here at the cattery which is why we know he needs a special owner who will treat him like family. We have also seen his behaviour change when it comes to new members of staff or volunteers as he is not used to them and it takes him a while to get back to his happy self.
A home where he can come and go in and out of a garden will be the best place for onyx as he has never been out and we think this will help him gain some independence and rely less on humans but still have a comfy bed to come back to. We have recently discovered he likes small children and we suspect this is because they aren’t any kind of threat to him but I will presume that small people presence will only be welcome in small bursts so maybe an older family who don’t have visitors often or somebody who just needs a companion just like he does. Onyx is also on Urinary food for urinary crystals which he gets through stress, he is likely to be on this forever but this food costs no more than the normal wet and dry food you would buy any other cat. We know that Onyx doesn’t like other cats so a single pet household is a must as we don’t want to bring his crystals back through stress.
If you know of anyone who may be looking for a companion then please tell them about Onyx as he will make a brilliant family member as he has a character and deserves as much of a chance as any cat.

My Name is 

Patch was brought to the centre as a stray so we have no history about her. Like a lot of the cats we help at the centre she needs time and patience. She did spend a period of time in a foster home and proved that she will make friends after some one-to-one time and attention.

My Name is 

Rose came to the centre after she has been living as a stray cat. She is very nervous of people at the moment but hopefully with time she will tame up.

Our names are 
Sam & Petey

Petey is here with his brother Sam. He has started to enjoy human company and in a home with his brother they can both thrive. They love to play together and would like a rural home as they have not been around much traffic.

sam & petey
My Name Is 

Winnie would make a fantastic barn /stable cat.

My Name Is 

Xena was a stray that needed our help. She had been living outside for several years and now needs a home that she can call her own. Xena is a timid girl that will just need time.

Our names are 
yoshi & goku

Yoshi and Goku are both house cats and need to be homed as a pair.
The pair are very friendly and like attention but they are rather shy at first.

We do not rehome over the Christmas period so please email enquiries after 28th December.

small animals

Please contact us to ask about other small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs & ferrets

that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer.

Eden Animal Rescue is a keen supporter of the RWAF’s ‘A Hutch is not Enough‘ campaign and we would encourage you to visit the RWAF website to learn more if you are considering homing a rabbit from us. 
Click on the image of any small animal to take you to more information about that particular small animal.

We have 4 young ferrets Ringo, George, Lennon and Paul. They were handed in as stray after all being found together. They are all male and live together happily, we would ideally like to home them with other ferrets or as pair as they don’t like to live on their own. They are friendly but they have not been handled much so will need an experienced home.