the animals we care for

We have many animals, all with their own personalities and needs, but all with one hope… that they can be the next one to find their new home. Providing them with this chance is quite simply the best way we can help them.
It can be just as good for you as it is for them! That’s not to say it might not take some work (and likely a lot of patience!) as all involved adjust, but we are sure you can already imagine the rewards when everyone has settled in together.
If you think you might be able to offer one of our animals a forever home, you have already taken your first step by looking at our webpage. Your next step is to contact us. Our Rescue Centre at Moorlands Head Farm is open 6 days a week by appointment 11:30am to 3pm (we are closed on Wednesdays for staff training – sorry!). We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and if you decide to adopt an animal from us, once approved you will have a new friend for life. We may request a home visit after a few weeks.

Adoption Fees

From 1st June 2021 we ask for a minimum donation when you adopt an animal from us:
If you are thinking of homing more than one animal, please talk to our staff who will advise you. Clearly these minimum donations do not cover all our costs, so anything over and above will always be gratefully received. These donations are non-refundable.


Please contact us to ask about other dogs that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer

We would also strongly recommend taking the time to look into what it means to take on a rescue dog. David Ryan’s article makes a really good starting point… A Dozen Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Rescue Dog. We firmly believe that there is a right home for every dog and a little bit of preparation can go a very long way towards making yours the right home!
Click on the image of any dog to take you to more information about that particular dog.
My name is 

Beau is a big, handsome boy. He was handed in because his owners change of circumstances meant that they didn’t have enough time for him anymore. 

He has lived with children previously but due to his bouncy nature we would only home him with 16 year olds or older.

Beau needs an owner experienced with large breed dogs that is willing to do some basic training with him. He is super affectionate once he knows you and loves a cuddle. He is used to a home where he isn’t left alone a lot.

My name is 

Bella was handed in because her owners were unable to provide her with the veterinary treatment that she needed. She has a chronic skin condition and will probably be on long term medication to keep this under control.

Bella is a very sweet little girl, she is very friendly with people and good with other dogs as well. She is currently living with another dog in her foster home.

She would love a home with a garden that she can have a zoom around in. She won’t be a dog that needs masses of exercise every day, but she does enjoy her walks (as long as the weather is nice!!).

Bella is housetrained and can be left alone in the house for a period of a few hours at a time.

My name is 

Coco has been handed in becasue he was unhappy with the young children in the home.

He is housetrained and cage-trained so can be left for a few hours at a time safely.

Coco is a very friendly little lad and will make a great pet, but will need to go to a home with no young children. 

He is friendly with other dogs as long as they are not too full on with him, he doesn’t like being jumped on!

My Name is 

Dodge came into the rescue as an unwanted pet.

He is a young, energetic boy and very sweet and loving once he knows you. He is slightly wary of people that he doesn’t know, but if they have treats and he is allowed to approach at his own pace he soon warms up to people.

He doesn’t seem to have seen much of the world and is easily over-stimulated. He also gets hugely excited when seeing other dogs.

Dodge is looking for a very special person/people to give him either a permanent or foster home. We are looking for the following criteria:

  • A calm, adult only home in a quiet area as he struggles with traffic
  • A secure garden for him to be able to have time off lead
  • Fairly local to Penrith for vet/training visits
  • No other pets
  • People that have time to spend with him and continue his training

He is very affectionate and when in his own environment is calm and settled. He loves his cage and can happily be left in there for a few hours at a time. He will need to be slowly introduced to different environments and experiences to make everything less of a novelty for him.

My Name is 

Hector is a lively young dog that has found himself with us because he wasn’t getting on with the resident cat.

He has had a few homes already in his short life, so his next home really needs to be his forever home.

He is very friendly with people and has lived with kids before. However, he is very bouncy and can be full on so we wouldn’t home him with young children.

Hector would like a home with someone that can give him physical and mental exercise that he needs. He isn’t bothered by traffic, but would like somewhere that has a garden that he can play in.

We are still assessing him around other dogs, but so far we have seen no aggression from him towards them.

My Name is 

Jack is an older boy who is looking for a loving home to enjoy his golden years. He is a sweet natured gent, lovely with everyone he meets. We are still assessing him with other dogs but he has been around them on lead and been as good as gold. We think he has been a working dog in the past and definitely can’t be trusted with cats/small furries or livestock. He would love a home where there is someone around a lot to give him the fuss and attention he deserves.

jack rescue dog
My Name is 

Mitch has been with us a long time now! He is looking for an adult only home as he can be nippy when excited or feeling defensive. Mitch is a young dog and knows some commands but will definitely benefit from continued training. He is very food orientated and is quick to learn.

He is quite a nervous dog and can come across as defensive when meeting new people but this can be addressed by using positive reinforcement, once he knows you he is a fun loving pup that will give you lots of love.

He is very full-on with other dogs, on lead he can be reactive, but when introduced carefully to other non-reactive dogs he is friendly. When let off lead he can be rough as over-excited and not all dogs will tolerate the way that he plays.

rescue dog named mitch
My Name is 

Oreo has come into our care becuse she couldn’t cope with the young child in the house.

She’s friendly with people and is usually okay with other dogs, unless they are too boisterous with her. She has also lived with cats previously.

She loves playing with a ball on our paddocks. Oreo is looking for a home with no young children.

My Name is 

Sky is a sweet girl who has recently been returned to us. She had previously been kennelled outside and her new owners discovered that she panicked at being left alone in the house, so became destructive. They felt it would be fairer to find her a home where there will be someone with her all of the time. Sky is very friendly with people and craves their company. She is mostly good with other dogs, but there are certain ones that we have seen her take a dislike to. She cannot be trusted around cats or livestock.

skye rescue dog
My Name is 

Skye has been handed in because she was fighting with the other dog in the house. She does resource guard toys/objects and that’s how the scraps started happening.

She is a super friendly girl with people, but she couldn’t be homed with young children as she is so bouncy and boisterous!

Because of her tendency to guard toys/sticks/other objects we will be stipulating that Skye will need to be the only pet in the home and she will need to be muzzled when interacting with other dogs out on a walk. She can be walked with and introduced to other dogs and is friendly, so doesn’t have to be kept away from them, the muzzle is a precaution.

Skye would love a decent sized, enclosed garden to run and play with her toys in.

My Name is 

Stag has been handed in because his owner was moving away.

He has previously been kennelled outside so will need housetraining. 

Stag is a sweet natured boy and seems quite placid for his age. He is okay with other dogs but gets scared if they are too full on with him. He cannot be rehomed with cats/small furries.

Stag will need a home where there is somone around a lot to help with his housetraining.

My Name is 

Tilly has been handed in because her owner was moving and was unable to take her too.

Tilly has quite a shy personality. She is initially timid when meeting new people and dogs and has to get to know them before she comes out of her shell. When she is comfortable with you she is very affectionate and playful.

She would like a quiet home, we wouldn’t home her with children under 12 as they might be a bit much for her. She has previously lived with other dogs but cannot be rehomed with cats/small furries.

If you would like to rehome Tilly you will need to be able to visit the centre a few times to get to know her. 

My Name is 

Tank is an older male. He is a big strong lad so needs an owner experienced with large breed dogs. He was very reactive towards other dogs when he first arrived, staff have done a lot of work with him and he has massively improved, he can now walk past other animals without reacting.

My Name is 

Tilly is a 6 year old female. She was handed in because of her issues with other dogs. She is very reactive to other dogs when out on the lead. She also suffers from separation anxiety so needs a home where she won’t be left alone a lot.

My Name is 

Togo was handed in because his owner was moving away.

He has previousl been kennelled outside so will need housetraining.

Togo is a friendly young pup and full of fun. He loves having zoomies around our paddock and gets very excited around other dogs and wants to play. If he was rehomed with another dog it would need to be one of a similar energy level. He cannot be rehomed with cats/small furries.

He will need a home where there is somone around a lot to help with his housetraining.


Please contact us to ask about other cats that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer

Click on the image of any cat to take you to more information about that particular cat.
Our Names Are 
Bounty and Aero

Bounty and Aero were handed in as strays and hadn’t been used to contact with humans. Staff and volunteers have been spending time with them to tame them up and they are definitely making progress and showing lots of signs that they want to be friends.

Bounty and Aero are looking for a home together.

My Name is 

Bella came to us as a stray. She has an old injury to her back leg but it doesn’t affect her mobility much. She will need a rural environment and some kind people that have the time to spend with her and help her learn to trust as she hasn’t had much contact with people before coming to us.

My Name is 

Bond came to the centre as a stray, he wasn’t neutered, microchipped or friendly when he first arrived. He is absolutely lovely now and really enjoys attention. He would prefer to be the only pet and would be best in a home without young children.

My Name is 

Harry is on medication at the moment for Asthma, so we are looking for a forever/foster home that is quiet so Harry can be stress free but ideally with another cat as he loves their company.  

My Name is 

Hunter is a very friendly young male that love attention. He is happy to be picked up and loves to play with toys. Hunter is used to going outside in a rural area and will use a cat flap. He has been brought in for being a bit of a bully to the neighbours cats, so can’t be rehomed to an area with lots of other cats around. 

My Name is 

Java has always lived outside. We do think that he will make friends with people but it will take a bit of time for him to come round.

My Name is 
My Name is 

Neville came to the centre as a stray that needed some help. He has been in a foster home and is now at the centre. He likes attention but can still be a little nervous.

My Name is 

Onyx was handed into to the centre as his owner could no longer care for him and his brother Theo. Onyx has been kept mainly been a house cat but does like to go out. He is a friendly boy that is looking for a forever second home. 

My Name is 

Patrick is a young cat that was trapped and taken to a vets because he didnt have an owner. Patrick is under assessment at the moment, he has only just arrived at the centre and we have no history about him. 

My Name is 

Pumpkin is a very timid girl that is looking for someone that will give her the chance to be part of their family. It needs to be a quiet home in which she can grow in confidence. Pumpkin is not aggressive but will hide in the beginning.

Our names are 
Pumpkin and Noodle

Pumpkin and Noodle are very sweet, friendly girls. Noodle is slightly more nervous than Pumpkin so we are looking for a quiet home. The pair both like their food and they are both on a normal diet. We are looking for a home with no other pets even though they have lived with other animals as they where showing signs of stress in the home.  

My Name is 

Smudge was a stray cat that had been living on a farm. She had not been used to human contact so is very scared at the moment.

Our names are 
Sooty and Tinker

Sooty and Tinker are at the centre because their owner sadly passed away. They are used to going outside but are looking for a quiet home where they can relax in the garden or curl up on the sofa in front of a nice warm fire. These senior gentleman are very friendly and have lots of love to give.   

My Name Is 

Spook is very timid at the moment so will need a quiet home where people can spend time with her and build up her confidence around people.

My Name Is 

Susie was handed in at the centre due to her owners ill health and they could no longer take care of her. Suzie is looking for a quiet home and will make a great companion for someone living on their own. She likes being stroked but it is on her terms and she’ll tell you when she’s had enough.

My Name Is 

Stripes is a friendly, loving girl that is looking for a home where she will be able to go outside and explore. She has a very playful and adventurous personality.  Stripes also likes cuddles. 


My name is 

Theo is here with his brother Onyx after his owner handed them in. Theo is used to going outside but will also use a litter tray if he need to.  Theo is a friendy boy that needs a second chance. 

Our names are 
Toffee and Delilah

Toffee and Delilah are looking for a home together. They came to the centre as stray and we have paired them up together and now they are inseparable. Toffee and Delilah are a sweet pair that enjoy human company and need a home where they will be loved and cared for.  

small animals

Please contact us to ask about other small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs & ferrets

that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer.

Eden Animal Rescue is a keen supporter of the RWAF’s ‘A Hutch is not Enough‘ campaign and we would encourage you to visit the RWAF website to learn more if you are considering homing a rabbit from us. 
Click on the image of any small animal to take you to more information about that particular small animal.