Name: Kia
Age: 8 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Staffy x
Status: Available
Good with cats: No
Good with dogs: Has lived with but needs to be an only pet
Good with children: Older

Kia is very well behaved in a home. She likes to sleep on her bed but will also hop up on the sofa if allowed. She is crate trained. Kia will take treats gently and will be patient when served her meals.

Kia would love a home with a secure outside space as she loves being out in the garden. She happily travels in a car.

Kia will need to wear a muzzle when out walking near other animals and needs to be kept on the lead at all times. She can be reactive to other animals when on lead and is very strong, but she is responding extremely well to training.

She is a very kindly, friendly, intelligent and gentle girl.