Name: Mitch
Age: Nearly 2
Sex: Male
Breed: Lurcher
Status: Available
Good with cats: No
Good with dogs: Reactive on lead
Good with children: No

Mitch has been with us nearly a year! He is looking for an adult only home as he can be nippy when excited or feeling defensive. Mitch is a young dog and knows some commands but will definitely benefit from continued training. He is very food orientated and is quick to learn.

He is quite a nervous dog and can come across as defensive when meeting new people but this can be addressed by using positive reinforcement, once he knows you he is a fun loving pup that will give you lots of love.

He is very full-on with other dogs, on lead he can be reactive, but when introduced carefully to other non-reactive dogs he is friendly. When let off lead he can be rough as over-excited and not all dogs will tolerate the way that he plays.