Leaving us a legacy in your will

Thanks to legacies Eden Animal Rescue have just managed to buy a place of our own. Hopefully this helps you understand just how much you leaving us a legacy in your will could help. Our new property will become our main base and care centre - but at the moment it is none of those things. We face a tremendous challenge now to turn a farmhouse with a couple of barns and some good paddocks into as comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable an experience for our animals as we can. Legacies will be just so important in determining what we can do.

We need to fund this ambitious project in addition to our normal fund raising activities. We receive no government funding so it is up to us as a charity to raise the funds to pay for the food, shelter and veterinary care for all the animals in our care. This is a tall order but one that is essential to secure our long term future and ensure we can continue to support the animals in our care.

A simple guide to help you through the process of remembering Eden Animal Rescue in your will

If you have already made a Will, and it is up to date, then you can add to it by having your solicitor draw up a codicil. This will leave the existing Will completely unchanged and is simple and inexpensive to do.

Alternatively, if you have not yet made a Will and you would like to pass on a legacy to EAR then you should seek the advice of your solicitor and ask him/her to draw up a Will based upon your wishes.

There are three types of legacy:

  • a pecuniary legacy is a specific amount of money
  • a gift in kind is the gift of a property or item of jewellery
  • and the third type is a residual legacy which is the gift of whole or part of your estate once debts, liabilities and other legacies have been paid

We can provide you with some suggested wording for both codicils and legacies ... please click here or get in touch if you would find this information helpful. However, you should always have your solicitor draw up the final draft as it is a legal document and must be properly signed and witnessed.

It is also possible for you to create an 'In Memory' fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/edenanimalrescue/remember. If you need help setting up your Fund Raising Webpage or require further information please just contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Photo: legacies help support animals at Eden Animal Rescue CumbriaPhoto: a legacy can help support animals at Eden Animal Rescue Cumbria