Sponsor an animal

Eden Animal Rescue runs a sponsorship scheme to help raise valuable funds for our long-term residents. These are animals that, because of ill-health, behavioural problems, and/or poor treatment or neglect before reaching us, prove very difficult to rehome.

You can sponsor an animal for a minimum donation of £15 for a year in the scheme and this will help greatly towards paying for their food, vaccinations, medication, veterinary bills and general upkeep. Donations can be either by standing order, cheque or electronic bank transfer. Simply click here to download a Sponsorship Form.

In return you will receive an adoption certificate with colour photo and regular updates on your chosen pet. You might like to sponsor an animal as a gift on behalf of someone else, be it adult, child or community group. If you would like further information (without any obligation) please get in touch.


Spot is a senior collie and has been in our care for a long time. She would really like to find a quiet home with a female owner as she distrusts men.


Boris was found as a stray, not far from death. He is a mature mog with diabetes and plenty of cattitude. He is currently in long term care and doing really well thanks to the devotion and patience of his carer.


Jerry is a lovely friendly boy who unfortunately suffers from an autoimmune skin condition which causes him to feel very itchy and he scratches, licks or bites his skin bare until he bleeds. He is on long term steroids to help to control this, which in turn may lead to diabetes. He needs six monthly check-ups and urine tests to look for liver, kidney damage and diabetes. Jerry has a very loving home but the nature of his condition means that some financial support would very much be of benefit to him.


Penny is 9 years old and has been in care since July 2017. She is an active little dog and desperate to leave kennel life. She is friendly when she gets to know you but dislikes her neck being touched. Penny needs an adult only environment.